Leak Detection

How do you find a basement leak? Years of experience with a multitude of foundations. Basement Detective has earned a remarkable reputation for not only discovering hard to find leaks, but also for being able to reliably repair them. This is no small achievement, as there are many types of soils, many types of homes and every landscape and plot has different obstacles with constantly variable points run off and drainage.

We are masters at solving hard to find drainage causes and designing and installing affordable and reliable long term solutions. Call us now for help.

Most commonly, water migrates to the lowest point while also following the path of least resistance. Sometimes it can be difficult for homeowners to determine the source of the leak and isolate the problem… That’s where we can help! Basement Detective specializes in determining the exact points of water leakage and installing time-tested,  guaranteed solutions. The difference between a plumbing leak and a poor foundation is not always obvious. Our inspectors are trained to find the real problem and recommend affordable solutions. Basement detective will find the leak the first time, saving you time and money!

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