Exterior French Drain

The original exterior drainage systems builders use to address the issue of water building up around houses can work well, for a while. Within a few years, however, even the best designed systems can become hopelessly clogged with mud and cease to function. When that happens, water pressure can build up around your house and the next thing you know, there’s water is in the basement! Fixing these drains is a tricky and challenging business as they lie under many feet of dirt with many structures like patios, driveways, additions to consider when excavating.
This is where it comes in handy to have a Basement Detective technician inspect the situation for the best possible approach. There are oftentimes simpler problems than many would consider at first look. Again, a highly experienced technician can make all the difference. Understandably, affordability is most often homeowners chief concern, and our inspectors are entirely understanding of this.

Our inspectors are trained to spot problems like this and offer you options to get your foundation safe and your basement dry again. If the best solution is an exterior fix, we will not only give you a quote on the spot, but also offer a timeline for repair. Our business has grown by offering common sense solutions to sometimes complex problems. Let us help you find your solution now.

Call for an appointment or simply fill in the request form on this site. We are looking forward to helping!

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