Leak Repair

Wonder why we’re called Basement Detective?
It’s because we figure out so many problems that occur in basements: mold, foundation and plumbing leaks, window and door leak, we even find roof leaks that present their problems in the basement (more common than one would think). Our specialty though is solving drainage and grading problems and repairing leaking foundations, and cleaning up the mess made from such leaks, namely mold. We clean up a lot of mold. Molded drywall, framing, insulation, carpet, and lots of rotted and or molded carpet and flooring.

Our company started as a waterproofing and foundation repair business that specialized in finding hard to find leaks and designing waterproofing solutions that are affordable and guaranteed to work. Mold remediation is a particular specialty as we go a step beyond most mold remediation companies in that we can fix the leaks we find, and thereby prevent the water problem form returning and causing further damage to drywall, carpet and furnishings.

If your basement is leaking, we will find it, fix it, and even remodel it!