Quality First
Basement Detective is a local family owned and operated home improvement company.  Our special focus and expertise involves remodeling and repairing basements. This singleness purpose allows us to provide real help to people with questions or problems about their basement or crawl space or other lower levels of their home.

Our Philosophy
It’s a simple one. To provide the highest level of service and product, at the lowest price, consistent with quality.  On many jobs, we turn out to be the lowest bidder. This is due to our intention and our ability to keep our overhead as low as possible. Where we draw the line, however, is that we never sacrifice quality in an attempt to simply become the lowest bidder. This is where our highly experienced staff comes into fuller view. Knowing where to cut and where to spend is the key to maximizing your finishing or remodeling dollar.

We Stand Behind Our Work
For example, our most popular waterproofing technique carries a double life-time warranty. That is, a warranty against further water infiltration in the treated area for as long as the homeowner lives there, and, an additional warranty to cover the new owner after a sale.

When it comes to finishing a new basement or remodeling an old one, our quality focus is just the same.  Since most of our customers feel they have one chance to “get it right”, they demand -and on every level deserve, the best possible job for their money.  Our ideas for the basement, our ability to perform to the highest standards in the business and our willingness to stand behind our work has made Basement Detective one of the most sought after companies in our field.

We look forward to assisting you!